In your childhood days, you must have seen monkey dance or snake dance and even bear dance. A person with an animal with chains in its neck come to your street and show its dance and people go and watch it, enjoy it and also pay for it, everyone must have been a part of this. Some of you also have gone to circus or have enjoyed the tricks being played with animals. You must have done horse-riding, camel-riding or horse riding, it is a very common thing people love to do or either you have seen this in movies, animal riding has always been counted as an adventurous activity. Also, in Indian marriages bridegroom is supposed to sit on a horse to reach wedding destination.

You might have never noticed that our fun is equal to misery of animals. Have you ever asked the person coming to show monkey dance a question – how this monkey is able to do what others can’t do, how you made it possible? Answer is so simple, they are being controlled by their owners, they are being beaten up with whips and other weapons to make them do what they want and they do all of it because they are under the constant threat of violent punishment. They are forced to perform confusing, frightening and painful tricks. In circus, animals are tortured even more they are made to perform the tricks which involve fire, knives, etc. They are beaten by heavy, sharp steel-tipped batons to keep them compliant and afraid. And worst part is each and every person is part of this because we are the ones who visit these places and entertain ourselves and pay them. The amount we pay these people for our enjoyment is being used to make lives of these animals more miserable. These animals are being compelled to live in cages, with chains, away from their family, friends, nature and their freedom is being snatched, they are not allowed to make independent decisions.

When you visit any adventurous park you see people doing camel riding, horse riding, elephant riding you wish to do it, and you never feel bad for those animals and never think what they might have gone through to be here giving you a ride which you love so much. These animals are torn away from their families and made to carry people against their will. Ride operators often ignore the animals’ most basic needs, they are not provided with adequate food and forced to carry riders all day long with few breaks for rest and water. Many become ill, exhausted and even die. To attract the riders, animals are being decorated and for that they are being forced to wear heavy ornaments, clothes and also their ears are being pierced which adds to the painful life they are living. Also during wedding season in India rented horses work non-stop from early morning to late night, going from one ceremony to next. In addition to the exhaustion, they are being bombarded with noise from blasting trumphets, pounding drums, and exploiding firecrackers which cause damage to their ears. These animals experience constant physical toil on concrete roads which leads to permanent damage to their legs. When not being used these animals are typically forced to stand amid their own waste in filthy shelters.

We now have to understand how critical situation is, animals can’t speak, doesn’t mean we will keep on torturing them. It’s enough now, we all will have to come up to save them. We all should decide not to see monkey dance and stop the person who is organizing this, we will have to stop going to circus, doing animal ridings and we will have to stop horse ridings in weddings. All of this might have become a common thing in your lives, still it is important for you to understand how this is affecting other living beings. Just because something gives you pleasure doesn’t mean it is always a good thing to go ahead with. So, It is our moral duty to not to get involve in torturing of animals and also not let anyone harm them in any manner. It is our duty to give them their rights, freedom when we ourselves enjoy them.

Don’t harm them and stand against cruelty to them.


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