Mohammad Anas Islam Khan

"Environmentalism is a way of life, and like it or not, it's not really a choice anymore." BA Hons. Environmental Studies

Vasudha Samantaray

‘#MeToo,’ said Earth. “Before we go looking for life on other planets, can we stop killing life on this one?”

Krishna Patel

“An ecofreak student who wants to learn the ways to tackle global warming and climate change effectively.”

Ayushi Pathak

“Together let's spread environmental awareness and consciousness as with a collective effort we can surely lead the road to betterment.”

Shubhangi Gupta

“Some of the recent happenings as well the ever-increasing temperature around the globe made me realize what importance does nature hold.”

Aayush Vasave

“Diligently working for a flourishing environment, I would like to dedicate my sincere time to this esteemed organization.”

Saloni Singh Yadav

“Glad to be working with Swantree as an HR volunteer and starting my journey as an environment enthusiast!”

Pratyaksh Dave

“An environmental enthusiast here to make an impact and glad to grab this inevitable opportunity from the amazing organization.”

Naina Mary Sebastian

“I have a deep commitment to helping people and transforming society into a better place. I am also very interested in ecological and environmental conservation.”

Basit Amin Bhat

“I hail from Srinagar, Kashmir. Upon seeing how polluted the Dal lake has become, I have come to the realisation that it is us, the tourists and the locals, who are responsible for it. I am here to bring a change.“

Sakshi Vaya

"I am an environmentalist because not being one is as good as being suicidal."
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