Technology is now a part of everything around us- work, interactions, health, transport & even food. Now, technology is getting itself into the world of trash. New & innovative technological inventions are changing the world of how waste is managed, segregated & disposed off. Not only can smart waste collection systems help to cut costs, but they can help reduce the impact on the environment.

Here are some of the most futuristic ideas of waste management –

1. Ultrasonic Trash Cans

These trash cans let the businesses & trash pickers know how much trash is in the cans. This system allows you to easily monitor the capacity of your container from anywhere, providing detailed analytics to help your business or organization track your waste. Having complete visibility of your container can help to reduce the costs that come with overfilling a dumpster. This data can also help reduce fuel emissions by optimizing trash pickup schedules.

2. Streamline Trash Pickups

This is a revolutionary innovation in terms of waste management. These trash cans compress the waste & can hold up to 8 times more trash than normal trash cans. Also, they are powered by Solar & it also indicates when a trash can is full.

3. Anaerobic Digestion

This is a different take on waste management. Most of the waste generated ends up in landfills, and land on earth is scarce & limited. Scientists have been trying for alternatives for landfills, but there were many limitations for it. But, recently there has been a breakthrough where scientists found anaerobic digestion, and it found solutions for both waste management & greenhouse gas emissions. In it, waste matter will be broken down by microorganisms in an oxygen-less environment. The remains left over by the microorganisms can be used as fertilizer, and the gas it produces is used for energy. The process has the potential to deal with organic waste and provide gas-based energy at the same time. Plus, as humans will always create organic waste, the energy anaerobic digestion creates is classed as renewable energy.

4. Mobile Applications

Apps are now everything for mobile phone users. With the rise of the app culture, waste management companies have begun to develop new apps to help businesses and residents address their waste in a more efficient, environmentally friendly manner.

“Too Good to Go” is an application currently running in the European nations for both IOS & Android users. It allows people to buy food that restaurants are going to throw away at the end of the working day. It is connected with over 5,000 stores, 3 million users, and has claimed to have saved 2.5 million meals worth of surplus food.

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5. Automatic Trash Segregators

Trash Segregators are those automatically recognizes, sorts and compresses waste using a camera, sensors and artificial intelligence. Once the device identifies the material, shape and color of the waste, it is distributed into the appropriate bin within the container – plastics, paper or glass. After that, the waste is compressed so the total volume can be up to five times less. Once full, these self-sorting waste bins automatically notify your trash collection company.

Technology’s mark on waste management has been on the rise in these recent years, and according to tech-savvies and scientists, technology will play a primitive role in waste management & waste clearance.

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