It’s no exaggeration to say that our single-use plastic consumption has gotten way out of control. Approximately half of the world’s plastic manufactured from 1950 to 2015 was only made in the last 13 years, and alarmingly, only 9% of all plastic which was discarded has actually been recycled. Much of the rest of it is buried in ever-growing landfills and littering waterways and oceans. The evidence of its effect on our world’s ecosystems and environment is not hard to find.

The change for this has to start from grass-root levels. Although the changes might seem insignificant in front of thousands of metric tons, it will matter a lot when it comes to the case of daily trash-management.

These 5 eco-friendly products will replace throwaway items that would otherwise remain buried on this planet for thousands of years, if not longer. Read on to see how easy it can be to make the switch.

1. Natural Shampoo

Like the aforementioned cleaning products, many beauty and skincare brands have a long way to go before they can be considered carbon-neutral.Brands are doing its part by making eco-friendly products that are meant to leave no wasteful trace, like shampoo bars.

These vegan, all-natural shampoo bars may feel a little different than squeezing the gel out of a plastic tube, but it lathers and cleanses your hair just the same.

They are also one of the budget-friendlier switches that we’ve found to a more premium-quality product.

2. Sprout Pencils

Whether you’re a coloring-book obsessive, a sketch artist, or you’ve been known to spend a lot of time at a drafting table, you probably find yourself whittling down plenty of pencils. With Sprout’s pencils, they can enjoy a second life as a plant!

Available in both graphite and colored sets, and made of FSC-certified wood, these nontoxic writing utensils can be sharpened and used just like any other pencil, but when they become too stubby to use, you can plant them end-side down, which will release the plant seeds inside of their caps. That way, the stubby pencil will become a new plant of its own!

3. Metal Straws

By now, you are probably well aware that plastic straws are getting banned. While there is some momentum for states across the country to institute their own bans, opting to forgo the disposable straw in your daily sipping is a good first step. This stainless steel set comes with both straight and bent straw shapes, and even includes two cleaning brushes to keep them squeaky-clean.

If you prefer a more flexible alternative to stainless steel, you can use the bent silicone straws, too. This will stop the usage of plastic straws which will either end up in a landfill or in our oceans and water bodies.

4. Metal Razors

Billions of disposable razors are sent to landfill each year. Yes, the blades can usually be recycled even if the plastic handle can’t… but honestly, how many of us will actually break down a disposable razor to ensure it’s recycled properly?

New brands are popping up everywhere with their metal razor products. They can be used for long periods of time without any problem. Also, you can send these razors directly to your brand and they will recycle it. This means you don’t have to go through a lot of paperwork and documentation to recycle a razor!

5. Reusable Coffee Mugs

If you are a coffee drinker, chances are that you drink it at least once every day. And, if you purchase your coffee at the local café on your way to work every morning, the amount of disposable cups used, not to mention the amount of money you will spend, can be incredibly high. For many coffee drinkers, the total can be more than 300 cups every year. 300 disposable cups which will end up in a landfill where it could take years to biodegrade, even longer for the plastic lid.

Instead, you can use a Reusable Coffee mug, which will stop all of these coffee cups from getting piled up in the landfills.

These products help us change our habits & lifestyle as well as help the environment to regrow!

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